Showing every day matters

Showing every day matters


Lee Nichols

Lee Nichols
Employee engagement and communications manager
Legal & General

People shared quite profound emotions on camera


How does a company of more than 7000 people across the UK, Ireland and the US establish a brand that is consistent across not only all those people and locations, but also across all its different products and services?

It is a question with which we at Legal & General continually wrestle. Our strategy is to build an understanding of our brand across all staff - not only customer-facing staff - and to encourage everyone to feel as though they own the brand.
Legal & General is a brand that is
recognised by most people in the UK and Ireland, and in parts of the US, but we
want to move from brand awareness to advocacy, to make our people excited and
proud to work for Legal & General. We are engaged in a long-term ambitious
programme to build a brand from the inside and to prove to our customers that
Every Day Matters.


On 12th September 2012 we delivered One Day – a group-wide initiative that recognises the contribution of our people. The thinking was to show that every member of staff matters and that every day does matter. It was a celebration of a ‘normal day' and involved us collecting a large amount of multi-media employee-generated content.

We had cameras at all of our main operating sites filming people going about their everyday activities, as well as paper notebooks where staff could write down what they did on that day, how they felt, and who had made a difference to them.

It was a major logistical challenge to inspire more than 7000 people across 18 locations to get involved and excited about the event. Yet the greatest challenge was to keep it a celebration of a normal day without turning it into a carnival. We put in a great deal of work to emphasise this aspect to all our employees.

We were pleased to be able to gather thousands of pieces of insight, 20 hours of film footage and over 300 new employee brand images. It ranged from people telling us how many cups of coffee they had that day, to people sharing quite profound emotions on camera. We were taken aback to see in action all the many tiny things people do for each other every minute of every day throughout our organisation.

After two months in the studio processing it all we were ready to release it. The end result is a fantastic record of Legal & General on that one day. It now appears on posters in all our locations as well as in six specially designated Location Zones which have huge walls displaying a 15-minute film of the day. We’ve also now got a vast library of high quality images for use in internal communications materials


Our November 2012 employee survey produced some strong figures suggesting that One Day has already had a positive effect: we saw a 17% rise to 75% in the number  of respondents saying that Legal & General makes a positive difference to people's lives; we saw a 6% rise to 80% in the number of respondents saying they are proud to work for Legal & General; and a 6% rise to 78% in the number of respondents saying they understand the strategic direction that Legal & General is taking.
These results indicate that we have made a good start on our work to build our brand from within. There is much more for us to do. In 2013 we will be looking at how we develop the message from one day to every day. We want to encourage colleagues to tell us what they do every day, so we can communicate the message that everything we do everyday matters.

For us the greatest lesson from this campaign has been what can emerge when you look beyond the highlights at what happens in just a normal day. Very often it is anything but normal.

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